Jess is annoyed at her family. The Sugdens are expecting a visit from the HSE about Donna. Jack plans to ask Frank for more money. Nick is off to see his solicitor. He is worried about the fact he shares a house with so many others. Angharad reads Jess's mail from Danny. Frank and Jack discuss the heritage farm. Frank and Kathy survey the foundations for the new bungalow for Chris. Kathy gets upset because she feels trapped with Chris. Angharad and Bernard discuss Jess's proposed move to Aberdeen to live with Danny. Alan catches Luke and Biff drinking their own cans outside the pub. Shirley tries to cheer him up. Jack gets jealous and makes fun of Sarah getting ready to see the male strippers at the sports club. Scott has written disturbing poetry about the night of the plane crash. Jack is surprised that in 1994 women are still interested in seeing "The Nobbies" male strippers. He interrupts the strip show to tell Sarah he has to go to hospital to see Annie.


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