Joe is dozing at the hospital as he and Jack wait to see Annie. Jessica wants to go to Scotland to see Danny. Joe is under a lot of strain and mentions the curse of the Sugdens again. Frank and Kim are busy planning their heritage farm. Lynn gossips to Viv about the strippers. Frank and Kathy wonder how Kathy and Chris will cope when he comes home from hospital. He fears she will leave him. Alan learns that Lynn donated £1000 to the disaster fund when he only raised £200. Jack learns that the Health & Safety are going to prosecute them. The McAllisters worry about Jess and her engagement. Frank and Kim talk about getting remarried. Alan has decided to hold a musical evening to get back at Lynn. Kim arrives at the pub and is lusted after by Biff and Luke. Luke suggests he puts a band called the Planets on at the pub. A woman comes looking for Eric. Joe confronts Vic and Viv about the trouble they're in and challenges Vic to a fight. Frank is late for his date with Kim. Alan sends away a couple who are touring the disaster site. Frank agrees to lend Jack £2000 to help tide him over. Eric is shocked to meet his first wife - Eileen - who discloses that he is still married to her, meaning that his second marriage to Elizabeth was bigamous.


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The ITV3 repeat of this episode on 17 December 2019 had a caption following the end credits dedicating the episode to Sheila Mercier.

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