Joe is feeding the sheep in the snow and gets annoyed when a motorcyclist rides across his land. Angharad gives Luke a lecture on behaviour until he shows her a photo in the local paper of herself surrounded by the Nobbies. Michael sees Eileen going into Eric's cottage. He tells her that Elizabeth's death was lucky as he now has the money to pay her off. Nick asks Frank for a week off to take Alice to Scarborough. The kids arrive for the gig at The Woolpack and add alcohol to their soft drinks. Michael introduces himself to Eileen. Alan introduces the Planets as a classical band, but they launch into a cover version of 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. Joe strokes a lamb in the kitchen while Jack and Sarah try and persuade him to go out. Alan pulls the plug on the Planets and throws the kids out. The social worker comes to see Nick about Alice. The Sugdens arrive too late to see the band. Seth saves the day on the piano. Eileen demands £25,000 from Eric's insurance settlement, and agrees to divorce him. There's a great sing-song in the pub. Joe stares pensively into the fire. Bernard and Angharad find the kids drinking at home and stop their fun. Jack and Sarah arrive home to find the gun cupboard unlocked and a shotgun missing.


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