Jack finds Joe in the barn with the shotgun. Luke and Jessica get a lecture on trust and Bernard and Angharad ban Jess from going to Scotland. She goes mad when she finds out her mum read Danny's letters. Joe is sullen. The Woolpack regulars plan the Easter fair. Vic comes up to the farm to sort things out with Joe. Sarah's contractions have started. Joe loads his shotgun alone in the cowshed. Sarah is terrified. Vic finds Joe who points a gun at him. Joe fires the gun, scaring Vic. Vic tells Joe the last time he saw a shotgun was a kid who bungled a garage raid on his old estate in London and shot himself dead. They make it up over a cup of tea in the farmhouse. Joe blames himself for making Mark take the vacuum cleaner back to Lynn the night of the crash. Eileen confronts Eric over the £200,000 he stands to make, not the £50,000 he told her. She demands half or she'll tell the police about his sham marriage. Jess has locked herself in her room and Bernard and Angharad beg Luke to help out. Sarah looks dreadful and Jack looks hopeless as she goes into labour. Jess makes up with her parents. Sarah has a little girl. Joe welcomes her to the Sugden family.


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