The bank holiday fair gets underway at the heritage farm. Jack and Sarah bring the new baby home. Vic tells Viv he wants to drop the court case against Joe. She's adamant she still wants compensation but he persuades her into agreeing. Kim convinces Joe to help out with the horses for the morning at the heritage farm. Sarah assures Jack that she won't love Robert any less now that they have their new baby. They decide to go up to the hospital to visit Annie. Alan is annoyed to discover that Frank has allowed a rival beer tent at the fair. Shirley goes to spy on them. Biff offers to give Jess a lesson on motorbike riding. Luke takes Dolores for a ride on his. Viv goes to see Sarah. They agree to forget about the incident with the tractor and start afresh. Kathy feels guilty about not going to see Chris in hospital more. Bernard wonders if she's properly prepared for when Chris comes home. Biff, Luke, Dolores and Jess become bored hanging around the village and the fair. Shirley is inspired by the rival beer tent and suggests to Alan that they do their own brew - The Woolpack Special. Vic and Viv are unimpressed with the lack of trade over the bank holiday. Kim discovers a painting that somebody has donated to the fair. Bernard thinks it may be worth something. Jack and Sarah introduce Annie to the new baby. They settle on the name Victoria Anne. They're surprised as Annie stirs when Victoria begins to cry.


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