Work on The Woolpack chimney goes underway, whilst Annie hints to Christine that marriage isn't to be taken lightly. Meanwhile, Alison prepares to tell Matt that she has been in prison.


Alison tells Reverend Ruskin she shied away from telling Matt the truth about her being in prison and let him believe she was in a mental hospital. Annie's concerned when Christine points out how determined she is to prove her parents wrong about being unable to settle. Annie decides that Christine shall stay in the attic rather than Joe, once the stairs are done. Christine takes interest in being the one to break the news. Shearing takes place at the farm. Wilf starts work on the fireplace at The Woolpack. Amos complains at the amount of dust. Annie's concerned further when Christine begins to make the plans for the wedding with Reverend Ruskin, without consulting Joe. Sam is keen to enter the village fête vegetable competition when he finds out Wally is entering. Annie lays down subtle hints to Christine that marriage is hard work and not to be entered into lighty. Alison prepares to tell Matt that she was in prison.


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