Rachel comes running out of The Woolpack in time to see Michael speeding off in a car. Bernard remains concerned over electricity when he receives a bill. Jess interrupts him to say that Rachel has called requesting he go over to Victoria Cottage as she believes Eric is dead. Bernard discovers Eric still has a pulse. He calls an ambulance and the police. Seth is concerned about Alan and finds him upset in the pub cellar. He tries to comfort him and encourages him to contact Terence and Shirley's daughter. Kathy tries to get Chris to sign the contract so Frank can sell Mill Cottage but he refuses to, knowing Lynn will get it. Amos has gone to Dundalk to stay with a landlord friend of his. Rachel walks into The Woolpack upset. Frank buys her a drink while Kim tries to comfort her. She explains Michael has attacked Eric and left him unconscious in hospital and now the police are looking for him. She calls Nick in an attempt to track him down and interrupts him ironing. While he's on the phone, Alice wanders over and pulls at the iron, bringing the board down on her and pinning her to the floor. Betty begins her first day cleaning for the McAllisters. Seth calls to see how she's getting on. Viv still wants to go to Reg's funeral but Vic still can't understand why. She explains she needs to see that Reg is actually dead. Bernard examines Alice and determines that she's okay but the incident has left her with a bruise. Chris resolves that from now on he will be fully dependent on himself. Viv confides in Vic about Shirley spending the night with Reg. She insists Alan must never know. Seth challenges Biff and Luke to a game of cricket. He makes a bet with them, explaining if they lose they have to work at Betty's cottage and if they win, he'll take them on a countryman's day out.


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