Luke is amused when an article appears in the Hotten Courier questioning whether the Beast of Beckindale has made a return. Nick dresses Alice for nursery, aware it could be the last time he does so. Sarah continues to worry about Victoria. She decides to stay home and look after her. Caroline wakes Alan, reminding him that he promised her and Nick a lift to court. She's aware he's been up the majority of the night drinking and tries to make him see that he's not helping himself. Sven insists on taking the day off from the farm and helping Lynn to move into the holiday village. Luke and Biff try to generate more ideas for the Beast of Beckindale's rampage. Joe visits Bernard in order to acquire some anti-depressants but Bernard refuses to prescribe them for him. Nick's anxious as the case is delayed in court. Biff is interested when Luke mentions he saw Eric throwing a bag into the river some months back. Sven and Lynn kiss. The court hearing gets underway. Rachel meets Joe in The Woolpack and they talk about Mark. She reveals she doesn't think she wants to go back to university anymore, believing life is too short to waste on things she doesn't want to do. Elsa gives her statement in court - explaining how Alice came to life with her as Nick couldn't cope and about her accidents in Nick's care. Lynn offers to help out at the farm shop in Sarah's absence and recruits Sven to help her. Elsa makes a point of informing the court she's given up her job to look after Alice full-time. Nick's solicitor informs the court that Caroline is prepared to move in with Nick in order to help give Alice something approaching a normal life. Elsa manipulates the situation and uses Elizabeth's death to draw sympathy.


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