Viv, Vic and Scott begin trawling around London following Reg's clues. Nick decides to go looking for Elsa and Alice again. Joe and Lynn arrange to meet for a meal later. Alan considers starting pub lunches again. He and Eric reminisce about Elizabeth and Shirley. Nick receives a shock when he arrives back at Home Farm to find Alice and Elsa there. Alan gets drunk with Eric while serving in The Woolpack. Lynn tells Joe she's decided to turn down Sven's offer of moving to Australia. Joe thinks she should go and tries to persuade her to take advantage of the chance. Elsa tells Nick that Alice kept asking after him and she realised it was too cruel to take her away from him. She agrees that she's better off with Nick. Scott is eager to get the last two letters from Reg's clue with them already acquiring four - N, D, I and W.


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