Villagers gather for Eric's memorial service as the memorial garden is officially opened. Scott discovers the last two letters in Reg's clue relate to the first record he bought Viv when they met in 1978. Vic suggests they look up the hit singles from that year to jog Viv's memory. Bernard and Angharad invite Frank and Kim for dinner. Viv remembers that the first record Reg bought her was 'Love is in the Air' by John Paul Young. They study the six letters from Reg's clue - N, D, I, W, A and R. Eric is the first to try the return of Alan's pub lunches. He waits for his back to be turned before having to spit it out. Kim, Frank, Bernard and Angharad are also forced to leave their lunches and realise Alan has miscalculated the timing on his microwave. Sven arrives back in the village. Vic and Scott spell out 'DARWIN' with the letters and Viv realises it must refer to Bethnal Green. They go to the Darwin memorial and Vic is curious what the significance is. She tells Vic that Scott was conceived there. Jess suggests to Luke and Biff throw a rave for Luke's birthday. Bernard begins cooking for the meal but has to rush out on an emergency call out. He asks Angharad to finish the meal off while he goes. Vic, Viv and Scott wait for darkness before digging in the garden. Frank and Kim arrive for the meal while Bernard is still out. He returns from his call out to serve dinner and discovers he forgot to tell Angharad to take the meat out of the fridge. Vic, Viv and Scott unearth a box.


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