It's the morning after and the McAllisters wake up to a nightmare when it is revealed that Ben has died while in hospital, and an injury makes Joe seek pastures anew, but not before another row with brother Jack, where he says Joe is the curse of the Sugdens. Eric's plans are threatened by bad publicity while Ned receives a welcome offer.


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Memorable dialogue

Joe Sugden: "This family is cursed!"
Jack Sugden: "Oh god, you're not going on about that again?"
Joe Sugden: "Well, what do you call it?"
Jack Sugden: "I call it feeling sorry for yourself. I call it sitting around whinging when you could be pulling your weight around here."
Joe Sugden: "What, with a busted ankle?"
Jack Sugden: "I'm talking about before that happened. You've been like this for months! And I'm trying to run a farm, make a living and keep a business going. Me wife's away, me baby's ill - could be dying, and all you can do is sit around and moan about the curse of the bloody Sugdens! You know what the curse is Joe? You are. You're the curse!

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