Christine is angry when Matt changes his mind about them moving into Hawthorn Cottage. Meanwhile, Norah begins making changes at the shop.


Joe tries to offload Matt's stuff from Hawthorn Cottage on him. Reverend Ruskin calls to see Alison and she informs him she's told Matt about her being in prison. She makes it clear that she's still thinking of leaving Beckindale. Christine suggests Matt put his stuff in storage and recommends a warehouse to him. Matt takes the news badly and begins to have second thoughts about letting her and Joe have Hawthorn Cottage. He wants to call a meeting with Annie and Henry. Christine is annoyed and upset. Norah rings The Woolpack and speaks to Wilf about a job offer. Amos is annoyed wanting Wilf to concentrate firmly on The Woolpack and offers him a free drink as an incentive. Norah seems keen on taking over the shop and pushing Alison out.


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