Matt is upset after being rejected by Alison. Meanwhile, Amos and Norah clash over who Wilf is working for.


Things are awkward over dinner between Matt, Joe and Christine. Joe tries to make Christine see that Matt might be thinking about getting married again. Alison shows Norah the ropes at the shop, but Norah's more interested in gossiping about the customers. Amos changes the plans for the fireplace in Henry's absence. He tells Wilf that he doesn't want a grate. Amos is annoyed when he discovers that Wilf has also been recruited to put up shelves in the shop by Norah. Christine's disgruntled when Reverend Ruskin tells her that the choir won't be able to do a wedding anthem for her and Joe's wedding due to lack of preparation time. Matt broaches the subject of he and Alison getting married and moving into Hawthorn Cottage, but she quickly shoots him down saying she's thought about the idea but the answer is no. She makes it clear that she's planning to leave the village. Matt's hurt. Amos isn't keen when Henry rings to say he's bought a grate for the fireplace. Matt drives up to Hawthorn Cottage. Joe is surprised to hear from Norah that he's having bells at his wedding. He also has to hear from her about the choir anthem not happening. Amos tells Norah that Wilf won't be putting up any shelves in the shop until he's finished in The Woolpack. Matt clears his stuff out of Hawthorn Cottage.


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