Seth and David set a trap for the Beast of Beckindale. Angharad is summoned to see the headmaster after the fight at school involving Luke. Jack meets Sarah in York to try for a reconciliation. She says she has always felt like an outsider. The headmaster tells Angharad to find another school for Luke or reconsider her position. Eric and Caroline have a day out together. Jack and Sarah have a heart to heart. Chris and Rachel meet for a drink in The Woolpack and he suggests that they go back to Mill Cottage. She is embarrassed to find Kathy there who invites Rachel to stay for lunch. Seth asks Betty to marry him. Kathy tells Rachel she is grateful to her for showing an interest in Chris. Scott is caught selling fireworks at school. Seth, David and Ned search for the beast. Sarah agrees to come back home to Emmerdale Farm. Seth shoots the Beast of Beckindale by accident and is hailed a hero. The Glovers and Seth parade the beast around the village. Betty goads Kim in The Woolpack about her treatment of Seth. Zak Dingle confronts Ned outside the pub and they arrange to fight each other.


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