The Glover family plead with Ned not to go through with the fight with Zak. Bernard announces that he wants to leave Beckindale after all the troubles the family have been through. Betty tells Seth that her father wants to check him out before she can accept his marriage proposal. Jan visits Sarah to reassure her about living on a farm. Roy tells Ned that he has been suspended for selling fireworks at school. The Woolpack regulars discuss the impending fight between Zak and Ned. Betty accepts Seth's proposal as long as her dad agrees. Frank organises a party for Chris and Kathy's wedding anniversary and asks Vic for some fireworks. Nick is depressed and Kathy tells him he needs a girlfriend. Frank calls at Mill Cottage and hears sounds coming from the bedroom. He presumes that it must be Chris and Kathy, but when he calls into The Woolpack he sees Kathy working behind the bar.


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