Frank tells Kim of his suspicions after hearing "intimate noises" at Mill Cottage. Ned is going ahead with the fight despite family protests. Dave and Nick are in charge of the shoot at Home Farm. Biff and Jessica worry about the Dingles driving the McAllisters out of the village. Nick makes friends with a woman at the shoot. She invites him to join her. Viv receives a letter telling her that Scott has been suspended from school. Alan unveils his home brew at The Woolpack - 'Emmerd-ale'. Seth meets Betty's father, Arthur. He gives his approval for Seth and Betty to marry. All the village turn out to support Ned at the fight. Eric stakes out Briardale Hall as he is going to carry out a robbery there. The Windsor children find a stray dog. The fight takes place between Ned and Zak. Zoe tries to intervene and stop it. They fight bare knuckle and eventually Zak gives in and Ned wins.


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Last appearance of Zak Dingle until 10th January 1995.

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Caroline Bates: (to Seth Armstrong) "Is it right that Betty Eagleton's gonna make an honest man of you?"
Eric Pollard: "Er, no, she's just gonna marry him."
Betty Eagleton: "Dad, this is Seth, me fiancé. Seth, this is me dad, Arthur Prendagast."
Arthur Prendagast: "There's more meat on Lester Piggot's whip."

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