Jan cleans Ned's wounds after the fight. Scott is grounded for stealing fireworks. The Windsors adopted dog shows a nasty streak and they name him Swifty. Caroline invites Eric to the Tate bonfire, but he tells her quite pointedly that he has invited Alan for a meal - this will be his alibi for the robbery. He times the drive to the hall from his cottage. Kim calls on Chris. She clashes with Rachel and threatens her. Jack tells Ned that he is scared he might lose Sarah. Rachel tells Chris that she thinks they should tell Kathy what is going on between them. Frank is building his bonfire for the party. Kim tells Frank that she is suspicious of Rachel and Chris. Eric meets his accomplices to plan the robbery. The Glovers and the Windsors are summoned to meet Angharad at the school to discuss the fireworks incident. The Glovers blame the Windsors and vice versa. Scott owns up and Angharad allows them to come back to school. Luke and Linda have a coffee together, she seems to like him. Luke apologises to Ned for the fight, he feels he was to blame.


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