The mystery woman, Helen Snow, who attacked Zoe tells her that she is responsible for breaking up her marriage. Kathy tries to talk to Chris, but he will not listen. She runs off in tears straight into the arms of Bernard. Swifty attacks Donna. Eric goes down to The Woolpack cellar to see how the brewing of Emmerd-ale is getting on. Kathy confides in Bernard about the affair between Rachel and Chris. She breaks down and Bernard comforts her. Zoe insists to Frank and Kim that she has not been having an affair with a married man. Bernard tells Betty that Viv is now on the committee. Betty is very put out. Eric tries to get Betty to sell her land to him again. She refuses. Roy teaches Scott how to set a rabbit trap. Betty suggests a forties style wedding to Seth as that is when they first met. The committee members ask Viv to join them and she agrees. Eric makes arrangements to sell the stolen goods from Briardale Hall. He sells them for 150,000 pounds. Frank has to comfort Kathy and he tells her that Rachel is the other woman.


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