Rachel uses a home pregnancy testing kit - it is positive. Jessica tells Bernard that he should not have sacked Rachel. He decides that he was probably in the wrong. Vic and Viv decorate the shop for Christmas. Frank informs Viv about a committee meeting. Frank tells Kim that their wedding will be a happy family affair but she does not share his optimism and tells him that Ned has stopped Linda working for Zoe. Frank is furious. Ned is adamant that Linda should keep away from Zoe. Chris tells Kathy that he wants to clear the air, but they row. Bernard apologises to Rachel and offers her the job back. She tells him that she is pregnant. Biff and Kim make plans for the Classic Car Rally. She asks him to get Jessica to apologise for the hunt saboteurs behaviour. He is worried. Ned tells Vic that Scott and Roy can be friends again. Biff and Jess argue and she finishes with him. The village committee decide on a memorial service for the victims and a party for the villagers to take place on the anniversary of the plane crash. Frank confronts Ned in The Woolpack and accuses him of suggesting Zoe is a danger to young girls. They row and Eric joins in.


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