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It is the day of the Home Farm Classic Car Rally organised by Kim and Biff. Eric decides to alter all the route signs in revenge for Frank's outburst in The Woolpack. At Home Farm, Kim cannot understand why people are not arriving for the rally. Meanwhile, classic cars are turning up all over Emmerdale. Kim suspects it is the work of the hunt saboteurs. Bernard is pleased to hear that Biff and Jessica have broken up. Rachel's pregnancy is confirmed. Kathy telephones Bernard and tells him that she thinks she is cracking up. Luke and Biff suspect that Eric has sabotaged the car rally. Zoe and Chris discuss his affair in The Woolpack. Helen Snow turns up and tries to leave her children with Zoe. She drives off with Chris, who can't stop laughing at what she's got herself into. Alan worries over his money problems but Eric insists he'll help him get through. Linda gets a job at The Woolpack but Frank insists he's going to try to convince Ned let her work at Home Farm. Luke and Biff plot revenge on Eric by phoning him and telling him that his office has been broken into. When he drives his car away from The Woolpack, Biff and Luke laugh at the infamous typewriter attached to and being dragged by the car. Kathy breaks down in front of Bernard and kisses him.


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Zoe Tate: "Chris, much as I sympathize with your predicament, I have been up before dawn dealing with sick animals, I've been trying to fathom out why a seemingly intelligent man would leave his family after what amounts to no more than a few hours with me, I have lost a good assistant, and I've been up to my knees in real bullshit. Please don't give me any of yours."

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