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Angharad notices that Bernard is restless and cannot sleep. Frank reminisces about good times spent with his children. Linda complains to Ned that she is bored and broke. Kathy tries telephoning Bernard again. Zoe asks Chris what his intentions are towards Rachel. He says he loves her. Rachel confides in Bernard that she is worried how Kathy will react to news of her pregnancy. Seth asks Bernard for a flu jab and then cons a free pint out of Alan. The VAT man turns up at The Woolpack. Kathy visits Bernard and Angharad comes home unexpectedly. She wonders why Kathy is being treated differently from his other patients. Alan panics when the VAT man takes away his books and till rolls. Rachel goes to see Chris and tells him that she is pregnant. He tells her that that is brilliant news and not to worry about a thing. Eric tries to reassure Alan about his financial worries. Chris tells Zoe that he is going to be a father. She does not know how to react. He also says that he wants Rachel to move into Mill Cottage. Kathy tells Eric that she has decided to move back home or she will risk losing everything.


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