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Kathy decides to go back to Mill Cottage and try to sort things out with Chris. Chris and Zoe talk about the baby. Sarah learns that she has got an interview at Leeds University as a lecturers assistant. Jack quotes Virgil to Sarah showing that he is still quite literary. Ned and Sarah disagree about his attitude towards Zoe. Rachel arrives with Chris's birthday present. She has bought him a remote control clock radio cassette player. Chris tells her that she has already given him the most precious present he could have hoped for and they kiss just as Kathy arrives home. She screams at Rachel to leave the house before lunging at her and they start to fight. Chris shouts at Kathy not to hurt Rachel as she's pregnant. Kathy loses control and pushes Chris out of his wheelchair. Linda asks Zoe if she can move in with her as she wants to leave home. Rachel tells Sarah that she doesn't know what to do. Sarah asks her if she could have just been used by Chris to prove that he is still a man. Rachel tells Sarah that Chris has asked her to marry him. Sarah asks her if she has considered an abortion. Jack worries what Joe will say when he finds out what a mess Rachel is in. Zoe visits Martin and tells him forcefully to leave her alone. She then takes Linda home and faces Ned's prejudices head on. Kathy causes a scene in The Woolpack with Bernard as she has totally misread his feelings for her. He tells her that she is just a patient. She runs out crying.


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  • Martin Snow - Michael Bray
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