Kim and Frank are busy writing out their wedding invitations. Kathy phones Bernard at home and asks him to visit her at Mill Cottage. Zoe's boss calls to see her. He is concerned about her reputation affecting the business. He says she should be normal. She asks if anyone has complained about her, thinking it could be Ned. He says that some of the local farmers have complained. Zoe tells him her private life is her concern. Linda asks Jan to help her persuade Ned to change his mind about her working for Zoe. Caroline's mother has died in Scarborough and she is very upset. Eric offers to drive her over there. Kim and Frank do not know who to invite to their wedding with Chris. Bernard visits Kathy at home. She is dismantling Chris's stairlift as he has moved into Joe's cottage with Rachel. Alan tells Eric that he owes the VAT man £20,000. Eric says that he will lend Alan the money, but he will require The Woolpack as security. Kathy asks Bernard to hold her close, just as Caroline walks in. The Glover family argue about Linda. Caroline tells Eric about Bernard and Kathy. Jessica apologises to Biff and they kiss. Kathy and Nick worry about their mum getting close to Eric. Luke seems interested in Linda. Kathy tells Nick that only one person really understands her - Bernard.


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