On Christine and Joe's wedding day, Robert lets Christine down. Henry gives her away instead. Afterwards, Christine is surprised to discover her mother had attended.


Amos is shocked when Alison tells him that she has decided to leave the village. Henry takes her to tell Matt. Christine is delighted to discover Reverend Ruskin has been able to sort the choir for her wedding anthem. She decides she wants Sam to give her away. Wilf puts up the shelves in the shop for Norah. Reverend Ruskin asks Sam to give Christine away. Annie's annoyed when she finds out the news, with Sam knowing that she'd already asked Henry. She tricks him into pulling out. On the big day, Joe and Matt dressed up in their Edwardian suits laugh at the sight of one another. The villagers gather in the church. Joe's side of the church is full, while Christine's is empty. Christine is picked up from Emmerdale Farm by horse and carriage and escorted to the church by Henry. Christine's mother, Eve, sneaks into the church halfway through the service and sits on Christine's side. The wedding goes without a hitch and Joe and Christine are married. At the end of the service, Christine notices Eve walking out of the church.


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