The village prepares for Seth and Betty's forties themed party. Kathy has dismantled Chris's stairlift. Kim gives Kathy her wedding invitation and tells her that Rachel has not been invited. Eric lends Alan the £20,000 he needs for the VAT man and asks him to sign a contract using The Woolpack as security. He signs and is grateful to Eric. Jack is preparing for the party while Sarah is preparing for her job interview. Kim and Frank visit Rachel and Chris. He assures Frank that he will still be his best man, but he wants Rachel to be at the wedding. He tells Kim and Frank that not only does he want to marry Rachel, but that she is pregnant. Samson and Betty switch on the village Christmas lights rigged up by Vic, but all the lights in the village fuse. Zoe asks Ned if he complained about her to her boss, he throws her out of the house. Kathy calls round to apologise to Bernard and asks his advice about her situation. He tells her not to call round anymore, but she does not get the message. The Forties style party gets underway with everyone dressed up appropriately. Linda and Dolores fight for the attention of Luke. Seth makes a speech saying that although he and Betty are not getting married, they are officially a couple. Chris tells Rachel that he is not going to go to his father's wedding if she is not invited. She talks him round and they go to Seth and Betty's party. David and Ned argue about Zoe. Kathy asks Bernard to dance which infuriates Angharad. Jack and Ned discuss Zoe. Ned admits that he has been stupid, but he won't change his mind. Chris and Rachel arrive at the party and tell Frank and Kim that Chris will come alone to the wedding. Dolores catches Luke kissing Linda. Sarah tells Jack that she has got the job at the University as a Professor's Assistant. Alan drunkenly confides in Luke and Biff that he owes Eric a large amount of money. They're suspicious.


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