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A bunch of red roses are delivered to Hawkins Cottage. Angharad opens them thinking that they will be for her. The card reads 'Bernard, something beautiful to reflect the moments we've spent together - your loving Kathy'. Angharad is furious. Frank has bought Kim an MG sports car for their wedding present. It was the first car Kim ever owned and he has tracked it down. Angharad brings the flowers to Bernard's surgery and demands to know what is going on. He is shocked by the card. Caroline tells Eric about Frank's present to Kim. Alan asks Caroline to accompany him to the wedding. Eric offers to look after The Woolpack. Angharad and Bernard argue about Kathy. Eric and Alan argue. Eric has told Alan that he will have to be out of The Woolpack by Christmas. Alan tells Caroline that Eric is taking The Woolpack from him. Alan tells Caroline the whole Eric saga. She storms off to give Eric a piece of her mind. Betty and Seth hint to Sarah that they are going to have a miserable Christmas. Sarah invites them to the farmhouse for Christmas lunch. Betty insists on cooking. Jack is not pleased when he finds out. Caroline and Eric row about Alan's situation. Alan is very bitter. Vic and Viv realise that they have not been invited to Frank and Kim's wedding. Bernard confronts Kathy about the flowers. He tells her that he does not love her.


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