Kathy gets into Kim's new car and starts up the engine in the garage. Betty calls in at Home Farm to give Kim a handknitted chimney sweep doll for good luck. Nick finds Kathy and persuades her to go to the wedding. Alice is a bridesmaid. Eric is running The Woolpack with Jan while Alan is at the wedding. He is giving Jan a hard time. Kim's Uncle Harry is too drunk to give her away. She asks Seth instead. The wedding ceremony takes place at Ripon Cathedral. Angharad is annoyed to see Kathy at the wedding. After the ceremony, Kathy tries to straighten Bernard's collar and Angharad screams at her to stay away. Caroline tells Angharad that she saw Bernard embracing Kathy. The wedding reception gets underway. Seth makes a speech. Eric bosses Jan around in the pub but then disappears for the afternoon. Kim and Frank start the dancing. Bernard tries to convince Angharad that he's not having an affair with Kathy. Kathy walks out of the reception. Eric surfaces and tells Jan that he has been asleep all afternoon. The bride and groom leave the wedding and Frank takes Kim to look at her wedding present - the car is missing.


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