It is the day of the plane crash memorial service. Jan finds Alan in the backroom of The Woolpack; he has passed out and is holding a photograph of Shirley. Jessica refuses to go to the memorial service. Amos has returned for the memorial. Everyone waits outside the church for Alan to arrive as he is reading the lesson. Biff helps to get the MG out of the pool. Jack offers to read the lesson instead of Alan. Jessica pours her heart out to Biff about Bernard. The memorial service takes place. Afterwards, everyone gets ready for the village barn dance. Jan offers to look after Victoria. Sarah is pleased but Jack isn't happy about the arrangement. At the dance, Luke chats to Linda when Dolores arrives. Caroline tries to get Kathy to talk. Luke starts chatting up a mystery girl and they dance, watched by Dolores and Linda. Butch arrives at the barn dance and it becomes apparent that the mystery girl is actually Tina Dingle, Butch's sister. Butch grabs hold of her and asks why is she dancing with her brother's murderer. Tina realises who Luke is and spits in his face. Kathy tells Caroline that she never had an affair with Bernard.


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