It is Sarah's first day at work. She is worried about leaving Victoria with Jan. The atmosphere at Hawkins Cottage is strained. Angharad is worried about the trouble at the barn dance with the Dingles. Kathy still won't get out of bed. Kim is trying to organise a honeymoon for herself and Frank. Frank is determined to prove that Eric stole Kim's car and dumped it in the swimming pool. Caroline visits Bernard and tells him that Kathy has admitted that they never had an affair. He asks her to repeat this in front of Angharad. Sarah is warmly welcomed by Professor MacKinnon at his house. He seems very relaxed and lives alone. Sarah rings to check on Victoria. Angharad takes her anger out on Caroline. Caroline insists that Kathy is ill and Bernard reluctantly says he will arrange for a locum to visit her. Luke is teased about his behaviour at the barn dance in The Woolpack. Later, he bumps into Dolores who finishes with him calling him pathetic and spineless. Sarah cannot wait to finish work to see Victoria, but she admits to Jan that she has enjoyed her first day and likes the Professor. Dr Travers visits Kathy and tells Caroline that she is depressed. He prescribes anti-depressants. Biff tells Luke off for the way he has treated Dolores and Linda. Secretly though, he is quite jealous. Luke goes round to see Linda, but does not receive a warm welcome. Jack asks Sarah about Professor MacKinnon's wife, she lies and says she is very nice - even though she doesn't know if he is married.


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