Jack quizzes Sarah about Professor MacKinnon's family. She is vague in her answers. The McAllisters row about Bernard's involvement with Kathy. Kathy is upset to hear that Caroline has been to see them. Chris and Rachel discuss Kathy. He says that he doesn't think that she will ever agree to a divorce. Kathy breaks down and says that she feels so embarrassed by her actions towards Bernard. Professor MacKinnon talks to Sarah about being a farmer's wife, she says that she went for the man not the job. Ned tells Jack that Jan is enjoying looking after Victoria. Jack expresses misgivings about Sarah's new job. Caroline asks Nick to go and visit Kathy to cheer her up. The headmaster informs Angharad that the school is taking in a new pupil who is bright but disruptive and has a terrible home background. Angharad is shocked to see that the new pupil is Tina Dingle. Jan asks Sarah if she would like a girls night out. Angharad tries to encourage Tina to put their differences behind them at school. Tina does not look impressed. Caroline snubs Eric when referring to Alan. Nick confronts Chris and tells him that everything Kathy has done is all his fault. Chris seems unrepentant. Tina picks on Jessica at school and Angharad intervenes. Caroline tells the Glovers that Kathy made a mistake about Bernard. Dave is very interested to hear this. Jack is not pleased that Sarah is going out with Jan. Caroline offers to go through Alan's books for him. Eric is frantic when he finds out. Nick visits Kathy. She breaks down crying. Chris starts to worry about Kathy, this bothers Rachel.


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  • A school pupil who is present whilst Tina Dingle talks about her previous school is uncredited, despite a line of dialogue. 
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