Caroline is still being cool with Eric. He tries to get The Woolpack books from her. Jessica tells Luke that Tina is now at their school. Jack and Ned discuss the possibility of going on holiday. Chris goes to see Kathy. She doesn't want to talk. Betty is hovering in the background as they talk. Tina picks on Jessica again. Luke tries to defend her, but Tina threatens him. Betty deliberately tells Rachel that she saw Chris calling on Kathy. Rachel pretends that it was her idea. Alan brings Caroline a brandy just as she has finished going through his books. She needs it as she tells Alan that the real discrepancies in his books occurred after Shirley's death. She has realised that Eric has been trying to defraud Alan. Frank calls on Chris. He invites Chris and Rachel to Home Farm. Rachel replies that she could discuss skiing with Kim. Alan is devastated that he could have believed Eric about Shirley's character. Zak turns up at Hotten Comprehensive and confronts Angharad. He tells the headmaster that he should do something about them. Zak claims that Angharad has assaulted Tina. He produces Tina's torn clothing. Rachel tells Chris that she knows he went to see Kathy. Seth, Dave, Nick and Biff talk about having Kim as a boss. Alan puts Shirley's photograph back up in the bar. The headmaster warns that the governors may have to reconsider Angharad's position at the school. Kim tells Frank that he should try and keep on the right side of Rachel if he wants the chance to indulge his first grandchild. Sarah and Jan have their night out in Hotten. Sarah tells Jan that she is enjoying her new life. Rachel and Chris discuss their relationship and decide that they will have to stick together and face everyone's prejudices. The lads commiserate with Luke about his single status. Alan asks to speak to Eric. He tells him that he has robbed him of the chance of mourning his wife and he will never forgive him. He bars Eric from The Woolpack and then knees him in the groin.


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