Zoe and Emma kiss. Zoe tells Emma that she sometimes craves the anonymity of the city. Chris sees them together. Luke is in a good mood, but Jessica is sulking. Dave is worrying about borrowing Tate guns for an illicit shoot. Seth tells him not to worry. Viv has decided to clean out the shop freezer. She pours away all Vic's alcohol. Vic is appalled. The lads go shooting. Angharad calls on Betty and tells her that Luke is staying in Emmerdale. She asks her to carry on cleaning, but Betty tells her that she has already had several offers from more discerning employers. Chris meets Rachel for lunch and spots Dave's landrover in The Woolpack car park. He sees Seth carrying some pigeons. Seth gives the pigeons to Alan and asks if he can pop into The Woolpack while it is closed for renovations. Alan is rather puzzled, but tells him that he can. Seth watches Betty from The Woolpack, he also notices Chris lurking round Dave's landrover. Dave races out and finds the guns missing. Dave panics and decides to take the whole blame. He goes to see Chris. Angharad arrives home to find that Jessica has run away. Britt and Terry arrive to move into The Woolpack. Britt asks Alan to carry their cases up to their room. Terry claims that he has got a bad back and demonstrates a rugby tackle on Alan. Terry tries to chat up Emma. Chris sacks Dave. Angharad and Bernard worry about Jessica. He takes it out on Luke. Jessica finds Biff and tells him that she has come to live with him. Nick goes on another blind date with a girl called Sadie. She tells him that he is her eighth ad that she has answered. Terry tells Alan that he is able to get rugby tickets for people. Dave and Luke turn up at the same cinema as Nick and his date. Nick is furious, especially when Dave starts to chat Sadie up. Vic visits Seth in his caravan and tells him about the applejack. Biff and Jessica kiss. He lets her stay in a holiday village chalet. Nick storms off after telling Dave exactly what he thinks of him.


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