The Dingles stock up on booze for their bar. The McAllisters pack ready to leave. Terry offends Betty by referring to her as 'Big Betty'. The Woolpack is in chaos. Biff confronts Bernard and makes him realise that Jessica is only leaving because Biff is letting her go by not telling her how he really feels about her. Bernard lets Biff say goodbye to Jess. Viv and Betty discuss the McAllisters and Betty tells Viv that Angharad has begged her to look after Luke and the house when they leave. Seth tells Dave that he has been offered his job at Home Farm. Dave wishes him well and is cheered up when Luke offers him the keys to the McAllisters empty house to use while Luke is away for a fortnight. Seth and Charlie visit Betty. She thinks that he has come to move in at last, but all he wants is to pretend that he lives with Betty so that he can get his shotgun licence back. She slams the door in his face. The Dingles use their bar for the first time. Nellie is busy exercising. Rachel agrees to help Alan out on the opening night at The Woolpack. Bernard introduces Alan to Dr Travers - his replacement. Biff and Jessica say goodbye and the McAllisters leave Emmerdale. Alan worries that the Woolpack will not be ready on time. He is annoyed that Terry has arranged for a load of his old customers to come on the night. Britt asks Alan for some petty cash to spend on the ladies toilets. Rachel and Chris have their first row. He doesn't want her to work in the Woolpack. Alan sorts out a mystery guest for the opening night. He discusses the evening with Britt and Terry. She is planning to make rabbit and venison vol au vents. Terry would like to install satellite television. Seth and Vic set up their stall. Zoe tells Emma that it is their last night alone together, they both seem sad. Betty and Viv share a bottle of wine. Emma asks Zoe if she wants to try living together.


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