Kim is feeling left out now that Frank has taken over running the business. Zoe is worrying about Emma's ultimatum. Kim arranges to meet Sir Thomas Weir. Frank tells Seth that he is pleased to have him back as gamekeeper. He asks Seth's advice about Dave and Seth gives him a glowing report. Britt calls to see Jan and offers her extra hours at The Woolpack, but she says that she'll have to lower the hourly rate in order to keep staff costs down but not to panic as if she's shows enough cleavage she'd make enough on tips. Later, Jan mentions it to Ned and he tells her to forget the job. Kim meets Sir Thomas at the golf club. She tries to apologise for Chris' behaviour in banning the hunt. Sir Thomas is rude and embarrasses her in front of his golfing pals. Seth complains about Betty nagging him to decorate the cottage. Frank asks to see Dave. Professor MacKinnon asks Sarah to work late. Kim is furious with Sir Thomas, but Frank is not very sympathetic. He tells Kim that she should be worrying about Chris and Rachel instead of her work and asks if she will invite them for dinner. Vic and Seth check on the whisky. Dave goes to see Frank and is surprised to be offered a job as Assistant Farm Manager to Frank with the job entailing - looking after the nursery, holiday village, Heritage Farm and Seth and dealing with administration of the business. Dave agrees to a trial. Nellie is busy organising the meal at The Woolpack. She has invited thirteen members of the Dingle clan. Kim is furious to hear about Dave's job. She tells Frank that she feels used and they row. Nick and Paula have a drink in The Woolpack and decide to have a family day out together. Alan is horrified to learn that he will have to cater for thirteen of the Dingles.


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