Nick and Paula set off with the children for a day at the seaside. Frank and Dave move furniture into their new office - annoying Kim. Alan looks over the Dingles list of food requirements for their evening in The Woolpack - fried brains are on the menu much to Britt's disgust. Nick and Paula arrive at Whitby. They go for a walk through the caves while Alice and Jason play. They both have a heart to heart about their former partners and do not notice that the tide is coming in. Suddenly Nick realises that they are cut off. Nick decides to try and wade through the rising water to get help, but comes back when he realises that it is too deep. By now it is dark and Paula is frantic. Nellie shows Zak the dress she has bought for The Woolpack meal. Alan tells Britt that he is cooking chicken with vegetables for the Dingles. Chris is still bitter about Rachel working in The Woolpack. Paula tries to cheer up the children by singing while Nick tries to light a fire. The Dingles arrive at The Woolpack for their meal. Zoe confides in Kim about her dilemma about moving in with Emma. Kim offers to buy some of her shares saying that it would help her to lighten Frank's workload, but Zoe says that she is being devious. Zak complains to Alan that the soup is cold and Butch tries to chat Rachel up. Nick and Paula start arguing as they get more worried. The tide is creeping further towards them and it is pitch black. Britt and Tina clash as Tina flirts with Terry. Nick pleads with Paula to stay awake.


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