Scott and Roy try and sell Terry some whisky. He gives them £5 for two bottles. Jack is refusing to eat and he still won't talk to Sarah. Emma and Zoe go house hunting. The Dingles discuss Robert. Nellie tells Sam that if any of her children were kidnapped, she would pay a king's ransom to get them back. Terry tells Seth that he has got a new supplier for his whisky now. Luke is annoyed to hear that Tina spent the previous evening in The Woolpack. WPC Lunn tries to talk Sarah out of asking Andrew to come round and talk to Jack. She reminds Sarah that Jack tried to assault him the last time they met. Tina claims that she did try and phone Luke. She is playing games with him. Sarah goes to see Andrew and asks him to talk to Jack, but he refuses saying that he is not prepared to jeopardise his career any further. Robert sneaks into a barn. Seth and Biff accuse Vic of stealing the whisky. Jack receives a mystery call from a man claiming to have Robert. DI Farrar arrives to question Jack about the phone call. Tina sends Luke out for a bottle of wine. While he is out Jessica phones to tell her brother that she will be arriving tomorrow evening and to ask him to arrange for Biff to pick her up. Tina wipes the message from the answerphone. Chris tells Rachel that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her. He asks her to marry him and she agrees. Just as they start to celebrate, Kathy arrives home. Rachel and Chris row as he refuses to leave the house. Kathy maintains that she is back to stay. Jack and Sarah anxiously wait for another phone call. Robert is asleep in a barn as a mystery man appears.


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