The village fête gets underway and Sam strives to win the vegetable contest, but loses to Tom Raistrick. Meanwhile, Henry informs George that he is the full owner of the shop and George tells him that's he's accepted within the village now.


The village fête gets underway. Sam's disappointed when he's told Henry will be judging the vegetable show this year. Realising the last time they saw each other they'd exchanged words, he goes down to the village to see him and tries to butter Henry up. Matt talks to Annie about the twins potentially returning to the farm. Sam discovers George is judging the vegetable show at the fête and realises he has been wasting his time with Henry. Tom Raistrick wins first prize. Annie's annoyed to discover Sam's used one of her best plates to put his vegetables on display. Henry informs George that Alison has left the village and sold the shop to him. He's touched when George takes the news well and says Henry has become accepted within the village now.


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