Robert goes to see Christine but she is fuming that he didn't go to her wedding. Meanwhile, Joe tries to solve Davey's problem.


Davey Gimbel asks Joe for some work at Hawthorn Cottage as he plans to buy a horse. He also asks Annie to put a word in for him with Henry for a delivery job at the shop. Liz tells Norah that she's planning on getting a job. Henry tries to persuade Amos to take a holiday now that there's two people in charge of The Woolpack. He expresses interest in taking one himself. Joe finds out that Jim has told Davey can't have his horse anymore as his dad is selling the herd and ploughing up his land. Christine gets a surprise when Robert arrives at Hawthorn Cottage. Joe suggests to Henry that Davey have his horse at Hawthorn Cottage as Christine has always wanted a horse as well. Annie warns him against it. She isn't pleased when Henry tells Davey of Joe's plans. Christine is surprised to discover that Joe met Robert at a cattle market. Robert expresses his disappointment to Christine that he wasn't invited to the wedding. She reminds him that she sent him an RSVP and Joe tried to phone him multiple times. He says he was waiting for her to call. She reminds him that he told her that he didn't want to know. He informs her that he's received an invoice and she admits charging some items of furniture for the cottage to his account but promises to pay him back. He invites her and Joe to the Yorkshire Show tomorrow and tells her he'll pick them up. When Joe returns, Christine is angry with Joe that he didn't mention that he'd met her father and she storms out.


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