Jack changes his mind and invites his friend Bart to Emmerdale Farm. Frank warms to Janie and asks her out, and Marian is unwelcoming to Joe.


Annie accuses Marian of leading Jack and Joe on. Henry tells Annie that she's a woman after his own heart. Frank leaves The Woolpack as Janie turns up with Joe. Marian tells Annie that she isn't intending to lead them on, but can see how it would look that way. Matt informs Peggy he turned down the offer of a partnership on the farm. He wants to turn their parlour into a bedroom for the kids when they're born. Sam is against the idea. Annie and the Wilks' make up. Marian mentions that when Henry's leg gets better, she wants to get away from Beckindale for a bit. Amos tells Frank that he has nothing to worry about with Joe and Janie, as Joe is interested in Marian. Jack wakes up in London with a hangover and invites his friend Bart to visit Emmerdale Farm. Annie tells Joe that he is a fool for trying to better himself, she says Marian is not for him. Janie visits Frank and asks him to fix the handlebars on her bike. Janie asks why he left the pub last night as he could have joined them. He asks her out. Joe doesn't listen to Annie's advice and goes to Inglebrook House; Marian is not very welcoming towards him.


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Marian Wilks: "I'd like to meet some plain, ordinary people for a change."
Henry Wilks: "Well you don't get more plain and ordinary than 'round 'ere."
Marian Wilks: "Standing up to their knees in mud with great chips on their shoulders."

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