It is morning and the bus trippers are still waiting to be rescued. Chris takes his anger out on Eric who tries to blame Frank for supplying the bus in the first place. Ned, Jan and Viv worry about Kelly and Roy. Meanwhile, they are quite happily enjoying ice creams in France. Zak, Butch and Sam take care of food and water for the passengers. Des manages to contact Frank who arranges to bring spare parts to the stranded bus. Kim is scathing about the whole episode. Vic is busy trying to get Donna ready for school when Kelly telephones and tells him that she is in France with Roy. He has to go and pick her up from Dover. Biff tells Linda that she is lucky to be rid of Danny. Jan and Ned look on as Linda hugs Biff. Terry and Alan have a good laugh about the bus breaking down in Leicestershire. Kathy agrees to look after Donna so that Vic can drive to Dover. The Dingle clan go to the main road to try and hitch a lift. Zoe is preparing to go back to work at last. She seems to be coping well until Frank tells her about his arrest. He doesn't seem to be worried, though. The Dingles try unsuccessfully to get a lift. Nellie thinks that drivers are being put off by the blokes so she tells them to hide when the next car comes along. Unfortunately the driver takes one look at her and drives off. Frank arrives with a replacement bus, picking the Dingles up on the way. Zoe arrives at Emmerdale Farm to treat their cows, but she feels unwell and Sarah makes her stop for a cup of tea. Zoe tells her the whole story. Sarah is sympathetic but thinks that she should have reported the attack straight away and tries to reassure her that the whole community would support her. Dave and Kathy entertain Donna. Alan looks forward to a busy night in The Woolpack as the coach arrives back in Emmerdale and everyone descends on the pub. Eric bears the brunt of everyone's anger and is hounded out of the pub. Zoe confides in Emma that she thinks her life is going to be hell as the whole village will soon find out has happened to her.


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