Christine and Joe have a massive row, and Christine walks out on him. She later returns and informs him that their marriage isn't going to work. Meanwhile, Henry offers Liz a job at the shop.


Annie decides to go to Rome but finds out she's expected to leave tomorrow. Henry asks Liz if she can start at the shop right away. He's annoyed when he discovers a customer has stuffed the Butterworth's Ball into an empty wine glass in The Woolpack. Joe arranges for all of the furniture bought on credit to be returned while Christine is shopping in Harrogate. P.B. calls into the shop and asks Norah, Annie and Matt for advice on where to stay in the area. He introduces himself as a signwriter for pubs. Matt recommends The Woolpack and Henry agrees to let him stay on discovering who he is. He approaches P.B. about Amos's "muriel" idea for The Woolpack. He recommends the pub get the old beer pulls. Christine arrives back home to discover the house with no furniture. Joe tells her he's not living with stuff that she's cheated out of her father and he made a mistake letting her go as far as she did. She tries to defend her actions, but he accuses her of being dishonest and says he's ashamed. She walks out on him. Sam tries to get to the bottom of why Fred's been asked to be the other umpire for the Butterworth's match. P.B. begins work on a sketch of The Woolpack mural. Christine returns to pick up her things and tells Joe that their marriage isn't going to work.


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