Joe tears through the village and nearly runs Henry over in his landrover. However, Joe has no recollection of the incident. Meanwhile, Robert tries to put things right with Joe and Christine.


Norah discovers Fred's been asked to be the other umpire for the Butterworth's match. Joe runs up to Emmerdale Farm and dashes off in the landrover. Henry's annoyed when he trips over some ginger beer that Norah has moved in order to make more noticeable to customers. Joe tears through the village in the landrover and nearly knocks Henry over. Robert calls at Hawthorn Cottage but gets no answer. Henry confronts Joe when he calls in The Woolpack about nearly knocking him over. A disheveled Joe has no recollection. He gets a surprise when Robert arrives in The Woolpack and quizzes Joe on what to get him and Christine for a wedding present. Joe covers that Christine has gone visiting friends. Henry discovers that Fred was born in Robblesfield. Joe returns to Hawthorn Cottage alone. The next morning, Matt, Sam and Joe see Annie off to Rome. Henry is irritated to discover Norah has employed P.B. to make a sign advertising the ginger beer in the shop, costing him two pounds.


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