Henry is annoyed when Norah begins to take over his responsibilities. Meanwhile, Sam is concerned about Joe after hearing Joe say he doesn't care if Christine didn't return.


Henry tells Norah it was his responsibility to order a sign for the shop, not hers. Sam, Matt and Joe struggle around the farmhouse during Annie and Christine's absence. Joe's offended when Sam calls him a visitor to the farmhouse now and walks out. Sam later calls round to Hawthorn Cottage and apologises and they go for a drink together. The following morning, Sam quizzes Matt on Joe and Christine's relationship saying Joe was talking peculiar last night. He says Joe was saying he didn't care if Christine didn't return. Matt receives a phone call from Annie and Jack in Rome. Joe's livid when he walks in on Sam telling her that Christine has gone away. The villagers prepare for the cricket match, but the weather takes a turn for the worse with thunder and lightning threatening to call it off. Leaving the decision to Sam and Fred, they both disagree on whether to cancel the game or not. Joe suggests they settle the match over a game of darts in The Woolpack. The Beckindale villagers are disappointed when Robblesfield win the Butterworth's ball. After having a space specially created for the ball in The Woolpack, Henry ponders on what to put in its place. P.B. suggests a replica. Robert arrives to confront Joe in The Woolpack about where Christine really is.


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