Sam is forced to tell Robert that Christine has gone missing. Meanwhile, Amos returns from holiday and is shocked to find the changes in The Woolpack.


Norah suggests to Henry adding a table display outside the shop. Robert tries to get answers about Christine's whereabouts from Matt but gets nowhere. Liz returns Amos's antique calendars used at the fête. Henry is perplexed that a 1963 calendar is missing but P.B. notes that he's seen it tucked away in the backroom and retrieves it. Henry is surprised to find that the image used on the calendar features the fireplace identical to the one that Amos had installed at The Woolpack. Norah suggests obtaining a wines and spirits licence for the shop. The following day, Liz offers to cover for Norah at the shop while she sorts out dinner for a friend of Norman's who's visiting. Sam struggles with housework around the farmhouse in Annie's absence. Norah enquires as to Christine's whereabouts when he calls into the shop. Matt mentions to Joe that Celia may know of Christine's whereabouts. Robert calls at Emmerdale Farm and forces Sam to tell him the truth about Christine. He lets slip that they don't know where she is. P.B.'s mural goes up in The Woolpack just as Amos arrives back from his holiday. He also gets a shock when Terence walks in and hands him two old beer pulls saying Wilf will be by to fit them tomorrow.


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