Norah catches a thief, and is surprised to find the familiar face of Kathy Davis in her shop - but with no husband in sight.


Amos is secretly impressed with the changes at The Woolpack, but is annoyed to find Henry has eaten his cheese and P.B. has been sleeping in his bed while he was away. Kathy Davis calls into the shop. Norah points out to Amos that she heard Kathy was back in the village but she hasn't seen her husband. Robert arrives at the farmhouse again. He confronts Joe saying he knows he doesn't know where Christine is. Joe contacts The Feathers to see if Celia has left a forwarding address and gets a number for her. Henry discovers Norah is selling dented tins at a knockdown price. Norah catches Johnny Rogers stealing ginger beer from the outside table. He bumps into Henry who takes it from him. Liz helps Sam delegate chores between him, Matt and Joe in Annie and Christine's absence. She offers to pop in to help herself but Sam isn't keen. Amos worries about what stories P.B. will be sharing about him when he eventually moves on from The Woolpack. Liz unwittingly gives Joe an idea of where Christine may be when she tries to comfort him, saying she left Edward once and he thought she'd gone back to an ex-boyfriend.


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