Norah spreads the word that a new headmaster will be joining the village. Meanwhile, Annie tries to help Joe and Norah tries to get the shop a liquor license.


Norah shares the news with Amos that a new headmaster will be joining the village next week. Matt and Sam bring Annie up to speed on what they know about Joe and Christine's situation. Matt goes to see if Joe has returned to Hawthorn Cottage. The Robblesfield cricket team drink in The Woolpack and cheekily hang a mourning wreath in place of the Butterworth's Ball. Norah begins passing around a petition for a liquor license at the shop. P.B. says his goodbyes as he prepares to leave Beckindale. He informs Amos of Norah's petition. Robert calls at the farm again and tries to extract information from Annie. She admits she doesn't know anything of Christine's whereabouts but she's starting to understand why they fell out. Joe arrives back at Hawthorn Cottage on his own. Amos storms into the shop and confronts Norah about the petition. Annie's relieved when Joe turns up at the farmhouse.


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