Sam berates Joe for the village gossip, saying that he brings shame on the family. In turn, Annie berates Sam for making it public knowledge. Meanwhile, Henry is annoyed that Norah is continuing to make decisions without informing him, and the new headmaster arrives in the village.


Joe wakes after sleeping at the farmhouse, he admits to Annie that he now knows where Christine is but isn't chasing after her. Sam interrupts their conversation and tears a strip off Joe for not working on the farm; he tells him the whole village is talking about him and he brings shame on the family. Joe storms out. Annie is angry with Sam saying that the village must have found out from him. Amos informs Henry of Norah's petition for a liquor license for the shop. Henry confronts her over it, saying she must stop ploughing ahead with decisions without informing him. He's impressed with the amount of signatures she's received however and informs her to carry on. James Bonfils, the new headmaster, arrives in the village looking for Annie as he plans to take over Crossthwaite's. Robert returns to the farmhouse to speak to Joe. Joe lies all the blame at Robert's door saying that he made Christine the person she is. He admits he never should have married her. Robert asks him where Christine is but he refuses to tell him, saying Christine wants to stand on her own two feet and he at least owes her that much. He tells Robert that he can't keep tying Christine to him with money and that she needs to learn how to live with people otherwise she'll end up as lonely as what he is. Annie gives James the keys to Crossthwaite's and invites him to the seedcut festival. She's forced to let him stay at Emmerdale Farm when he finds out there's no furniture at the cottage. Robert vows to find out where Christine is.


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