Joe is upset when Christine breaks off their marriage and gives him back the ring. Meanwhile, Amos is annoyed when people keep using The Woolpack phone as the phone box is out of order.


Joe receives a letter from Christine, returning his engagement ring in the envelope. James drops eggs and beans off at the shop for Joe after staying the night at Emmerdale. He informs Norah and Henry that he's having a hard time locating his possessions. Matt walks in on Joe reading Christine's letter and works out what it is when Joe accidentally drops the ring. When Robert rings, he tells Matt to lie that he's not there. Sam throws a strop when he discovers Annie's had his beans sent down to the shop before he was ready. She tries to get Joe to ring Robert but he refuses. Annie shares her experiences in Rome with James. His ways of thinking remind her of Jack. Amos is annoyed when people come into The Woolpack just to use the telephone as the phone box is out of order. Kathy flags Joe down for a lift when her bicycle chain breaks. Robert arrives back at the farm and waits for Joe. He wants Annie to force Joe to inform them where Christine is, but she tells him she's not forcing anyone to do anything. She tells Robert that Christine has a habit of running from him and advises him to leave Joe and Christine alone to sort their marriage themselves. Joe arrives and informs both Robert and Annie that he's received a letter from Christine asking him not to tell Robert where she is. He says Christine has told him she won't be returning. An upset Joe returns the engagement ring to Annie.


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