James and Kathy strike up a friendship, while Annie tries to get Joe to tell Robert about Christine's whereabouts. Also, Amos is unhappy with the mural in The Woolpack.


James joins Kathy paddling in the river and they chat. Annie tries to persuade Joe to rethink telling Robert where Christine is. Henry and Robert share a drink in The Woolpack. Robert asks Henry to put in a good word with Joe in order to get him to share where Christine is. Henry offers Sam two thirds of the price he makes on the beans sold to the shop. James points out to Amos that he's been painted into The Woolpack mural. Amos and Norah are intrigued when James and Kathy are seen around the village together. They're both keen to inform James that Kathy's married but he already knows. Amos angrily points out to Henry that both of them have been painted into the mural. James and Kathy call at the farm. Annie invites them to stay for supper. James shows an interest in taking part in the seedcut. Joe makes an effort to patch things up with Sam by apologising. Sam accepts his apology and sympathises with Joe's situation.


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