Joe and Kathy bond over their unhappy marriages and Henry and Annie catch them kissing. Meanwhile, Robert tries to track down Christine.


Sam tells Annie that James won't be able to take part in the seedcut activities as he's only been in the village a few days. Amos and Henry have uncovered more of the villagers in the mural. Henry wants to publicise it but Amos wants to stay quiet. He's annoyed when he finds out Henry's taking Annie out later that night and leaving him at the pub. Norah tells Annie she's struggling to shift Sam's beans. Joe apologises to Robert for his attitude. He says he still can't break his confidence to Christine by telling him where she is however. Robert asks him to write to her saying how hurt he is and that he'll do anything to have her back. Joe promises to write and is touched when Robert says Christine was a fool to have left him. The seedcut festival gets underway. Joe twists his ankle during a bet with James and slips away. He bumps into Kathy who is avoiding the festival. She helps him back to Hawthorn Cottage. Norah helps Amos at The Woolpack while Henry takes Annie to dinner. Amos isn't pleased. Kathy tends to Joe's ankle at Hawthorn Cottage. He admits that the village gossip is right and Christine has left him. She admits that she married Kenny purely because she was pregnant and their marriage has now fell apart. Henry stops by Hawthorn Cottage with Annie in the car to see if Joe is alright. He peers in through the window and notices Joe and Kathy kissing.


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